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  For Parents
  Age 2 and Up


Baby baths

  • Sponge baths
  • Tub baths
  • Bath safety
  • How to give your baby a bath
  • ChildProofing your bathroom
  • How to bathe your baby
  • How to often should I bathe my baby?
  • Where should I bathe my baby?
  • What is the best way to give my baby bath?
  • The lowndown on baby bathtubs
  • What to look for buying one
  • What is going to cost you

Diaper - Step-by-step guide

  • Preparation
  • Changing a disposable diaper


  • What's causing my baby's diaper rash?
  • Wetness or diaper chafing
  • What causes it chafing?
  • Yeast (candida) infection
  • Seborrhea
  • Bacterial infections
  • What's the best way to treat diaper rash?
  • How can I prevent diaper rash?

Bonding with your newborn

  • What is bonding?
  • What if I don't bond with my baby right away?
  • What Should I worry?
  • Big Story: HOW love blossoms between you and your child
  • Pregnancy: Love before first sight
  • You and your baby: Adicted to love
  • Toddlers: Are tantrums a sign of effection?
  • The seven Signs that you child loves you

Dady and Mother makes you smarter

  • Big Story: How motherhood makes you smarter
  • Were you afraid your brain would suffer after you had children?
  • How does motherhood make woman smarter?
  • Did you find that people expected you to be "less smart" after you had children?
  • What was the most surprising thing you learned while researching the book?
  • How does "daddy brain" change after the baby arrives?
  • How do mothers make each other smarter?
  • Are the mind-boosting benefits of motherhood temporary or permanent?
  • Why to you say mothers today need to be smarter than ever?
  • What advice do you have for new mothers?
  • The Seven: How to make the most of your mommy brain?
  • Top tips for dads on bonding with your baby
  • Give a midnight bottle
  • Have a staring contest
  • Play kangaroo
  • Take bath together
  • Read the sports page Set a table for two
    Dads, mothers!
  • Change a diaper
  • Be there for a cold or fever
  • Bench press
  • Be a texture board
  • Roughhouse (within reason)

Why newborns look so funny

  • Phisical characteristics
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Changes to expect during the next six weeks

Counting -- One, Two!

Here's a way your child can easily learn to categorize items

      I am learning!
  • What you need
  • What to do
  • Learning Benefits

According books

Make your baby his very own book.

Honesty Sample - Value!

  • Sample Method for Preschoolers
  • Sample Method for Elementary Age
  • Sample Method for Adolescents

Courage - Value!

  • Method for Preschoolers
  • Method for Elementary Age
  • Method for Adolescents

Phymes for a Reason!

  • What you need
  • What to do
  • Learning Benefits

Nurturing a Nature-lover!

  • Houseplants
  • Outdoor gardening
  • Fish
  • Walks
  • Animals
  • Books

10 Ways to Calm a Crying Baby - Looking for creative ways to soothe your baby's cries? Try these ten ideas for making distress disappear.

The Joy of Cooking

    The Joy of Cooking!
  • Sample Steps
  • Cooking is Science
  • Cooking is Math
  • Cooking is Literacy


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